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JR FARM „Back to Instinct“ Shell game

1, 2, or 3 - are you in this game?


JR FARM Willow Hay Tunnel Small

Natural willow with a filling made from aromatic hay. For hiding and habitation of all small rodents such as hamsters and mice.


JR FARM Willow Hay Ball

Lovely and healthy toy


JR FARM Willow Fruit Ball

A delicious willow ball from JR Farm filled with dried fruits.


JR FARM Wicker Apple Ball

JR-Farm willow ball with apple pieces that's 2 in 1!


JR FARM Wholemeal Shrimp & Crab Cookies

Crispy baked wholemeal cookies with nourishing ingredients and a lot of extra animal protein.


JR FARM Veggie-Tos mix

VeggieTos might remind you of a candy for us? 


JR FARM Train the Brain Forest

Natural toy made of hardwood for rabbits and rodents


JR FARM Tasty Cones

JR FARM Tasty Cone is a natural pine cone, filled with delicious seeds and vegetables. Long term activity as well as play and fun included.

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